Friday, March 21, 2003

Almost done with my bellydancing costume.. ^.^ Then to finish my orange suit.... >.<;

YnS stuff, Laura yes.... Tori apologised to the group and came back for a short ammount of time. She dated Ali for a while until Ali was all "You checked out a guy, you're straight. Goodbye"
Tori realizes that she was brainwashed, thank the Goddess. We're finding the friendship we lost when Laura turned on her "charms"
I also found out the funniest thing, Ben and Tori used to date! ::giggles:: It's hilarious, really!

Maow. Have fun ne? ^.^ ::much huggles::
Yes yes, go do your costumes and enjoy the snow *ducks and runs out of the way of the fist, feet and flying objects*

I hope you get much love from Ben, and I'm glad you have a pertiful laptop. I'm glad my net's back up too....

Drama in YnS... no SHIT. They let Laura back in... that just makes me LAUGH. And Tori too, from what I understand? Whatever... some people ask for the shit to be thrown in their faces, you know? Anyway, I'm going back to enjoying my Spring Break, hehe. Much love, take it easy.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

So YnS didn't go to Anime Oasis... and I guess there's uber ammounts of drama >.<; Ugh. Yuckies. I'm so glad I'm retired.

Glad your net's bak up. I have a fun laptop now, hp pavilion 4240 infact. It's all purdy....:giggles:: I should be sewing, much costmes to do laaaa..... ^.^
I'm back... the net was down because Tom couldn't be bothered to pay the bill for three weeks. Emmett got us back up and running not all that long ago, woot for him. Spring Break starts tomorrow, but my friend Dustin promised to spend most of the day with me so I won' be on much, if at all. *yawns* Um... that's about it really... I passed all of my classes and I look to be out of there in May, as planned...

Glad to hear you are doing alright. Talk to you soon sweets.

Love always,